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Flowers & Gifts

Flowers & Gifts

We know that every single lady loves to receive small gifts and especially flowers. Such signs of attention are highly appreciated by Russian women. And we’d like to help you becoming a valuable man in the life of chosen Russian lady. You can present her a gift or nice bouquet of flowers via Best Couple.

We cooperate with delivery services around CIS. Therefore don’t worry, your precious gift or gorgeous flowers will be delivered in time. What can you present to your charming Russian lady? Russian women appreciate flowers, candies, chocolate and soft toys. But why to stop at regular presents? You can amaze her with something surprising! Just switch on your imagination.

So, don’t waste your time thinking how to make good impression on your desired lady. You cannot find anything better than gifts and flowers. Small surprise will tell much more than any words in e-mail or in dating chat rooms. Aromatic red roses will make her think about you. You will show her that she is in your heart day and night.

How Delivery Works!?

As soon as your Lady receives the order, you will be notified about that. Order delivery period may vary from 3 to 5 days.

What's more, you will be sent a picture of the Lady with the flowers and presents made at the time of delivery. It gives you a wonderful chance to see the joy in her eyes when she receives your gifts!

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I’m afraid I will get married soon. To tell the truth I am surprised that I started thinking about it just after 5 months we’ve been together with my girlfriend. She has moved to Hannover from Kiev and we have had wonderful time. Unfortunately her visa doesn’t allow her to stay here permanently. But I am sure we will be together despite all the obstacles. I love you my kitten, my Olesya!
Thomas H., Germany
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