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Russian dating

It seems like relationships are the endless topic which is actual everywhere and any time. In fact people have being constantly told that their main goal of life is to have a family and live happy life. Therefore it is natural to discuss relationships and make efforts to find your soul mate. Unfortunately this task is not easy. There are billions of people but many of them are unhappy because of misunderstanding with wife/husband. At the same time many people are unable to find a life partner. It is just normal to experience such difficulties; not everyone can understand the nature of a person. Thus many lonely souls switched to online dating. Dating sites are extremely popular and easy to use. More importantly sometimes new relationships are started online. And such relationships can result in happy family life. Quite interesting that lonely souls very often look for Russian dating in internet. And it is true that Russian brides are very popular.

Well, Russian girls have got numerous advantages valuable for brides. They have got perfect bodies, cute faces and soft character. At the same time Russian girls tend to look for compromises when a conflict occurs. European women always stand on their own, Arabian ladies have to agree with everything what a man says. But Russians are different case. They are just between Western women and Arabian women.

There are many different ways of Russian dating. The first way is to visit dating sites with free access. There are hundreds of them but it is a risky business. Algorithm of Russian dating via such sites is quite simple: just browse profiles, choose a lady and send her message. You can also upload your own pic and wait. Probably somebody will contact you. As it was mentioned following this way doesn’t guarantee any positive result. The problem is that it is possible to upload fake picture and communicate with people. In fact many scammers and spammers use such sites to promote their offers and make money. Just imagine how disappointed you would be if charming lady which you met recently online would be just a picture of Russian celebrity uploaded by a nerd!

Therefore we don’t advice dating sites with free access. Surely it is nice to save some money and have fun checking profiles of women but the free cheese is in mouse trap, isn’t it? Thus you should better contact specialized dating agency that charge money. Russian dating is huge business with successful players on the market. They make money but they also provide clients with perfect services. This means that you wouldn’t be cheated by scammers and will find profiles with pictures of real Russian brides. Typically such dating agencies use monthly payments, let’s say $100-$200 per month for full access to profiles of charming Russian girls. If you like it you can keep using paid services. Another scheme used by dating agencies is “Pay for contacts”. This means that a client can browse profiles for free but he has to pay to get access to contacts of selected ladies. So, it can be $10 for e-mail address or something like that.


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I tried many different dating websites and none of them satisfied my needs. Luckily once I clicked on Best Couple. This site is not a delusion and most important thing that profiles belong to real girls. Well, I am still looking for a date but I am sure that I will get it quite soon. Ladies are awesome here. Just can’t wait anymore.
Tasos H., Greece.
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